Medical coding software online for CPT code lookup, ICD 9 code lookup, HCPCS code lookup, doctor NPI, and ICD 10 codes lookup. Find a CPT code for a procedure, an ICD diagnosis code, and so much more with SpeedECoder.

Shift Productivity into High Gear for Optimal Reimbursement and Compliance

SpeedECoderĀ® is online medical coding software that satisfies the diverse needs of coding and compliance professionals, health care providers, software developers, coding students and educators, and medical publishers.

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For students enrolled in medical insurance billing and coding (MIBC) programs and their instructors, who need an affordable solution.For Health Care Providers, Office Administrators, Medical Equipment Vendors, HIM ProfessionalsFor Teaching Institutions and Medical PublishersFor Medical Software Developers, Institutions, and Payers
Medicare Compliance including CCI, RVUs, and LCDsRebrand your own coding portalXML Coding
Each next edition has the features of the prior.Annotations and Collaboration
for group members
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Accelerated Productivity Saves Time

SpeedESearch integrates coding search results with NPI and Medicare fees and edits, making SpeedECoder a major time-saver. Coding and compliance updates are automatic, too.Ā (More)

  • ICD 9 Codes Lookup for ICD Coding
    • Volume 1 ICD 9 Diagnosis Codes and Edits (age, gender, not applicable principal, manifestation as principal, questionable admission, unacceptable principal, secondary required)
    • Volume 3 ICD 9 Procedure Codes and Edits (age, gender, non-specific OR, open biopsy check, non-covered, bilateral)
    • ICD 10 Codes: search, browse, and crosswalk ICD 10 CM
  • CPT Code Lookup (Level I codes for CPT) and HCPCS Code Lookup (Level II), Medicare RVU-based Fees and Edits (gender, Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) bundling/unbundling, related local/national coverage decisions links)
  • Doctor NPI details and Doctor UPIN Crosswalk in our NPISearch tool
  • Medicare ESearch LCD/NCD and Internet Only Manual full text search tool simultaneously searches these essential coverage databases.
  • Access to our CCI, ICD-9 and HCPCS eBooks, which can be printed for your reference.

Electronic Solutions are Great for the Environment

Paper manuals require massive amounts of energy and water to produce and transport. Electronic solutions use the computer that is already running in your office all day to provide a coding and compliance solution. Be kind to the Earth and go electronic!

Collaboration Improves Accuracy

You and your colleagues store and share knowledge centrally. Built-in and custom expert rules speed searches and establish coding consistency.

Custom Solutions Avoid Costly Development

The SpeedECoder application platform can be integrated into existing software services through an XML API or rebranded for educational publishers, curriculum developers, or consultants. We can add additional features to fill any need. Discuss and interact with us on our Google+ page.